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Creme de Corps
A rich, non-greasy body lotion with Cocoa Butter and Beta-Carotene.

Total: $ 15.00 - $ 99.00

Multiple Sizes
Customer Review Rating 4.7 of 5 569 reviews

Sold out

Creme de Corps Soy Milk and Honey Body Polish
A luxurious, creamy, and scented exfoliating cleanser

Total: $ 15.00 - $ 41.00

Multiple Sizes
Customer Review Rating 4.8 of 5 47 reviews
Superbly Restorative Argan Body Lotion
A lightweight body lotion for improved skin texture and resilience

Total: $ 52.00

6.8 fl. oz. Pump
Customer Review Rating 4.0 of 5 80 reviews

Sold out

Creme de Corps Nurturing Body Washing Cream
A nurturing body wash that thoroughly cleanses and moisturizes skin

Total: $ 29.00

6.8 fl. oz. Tube
Customer Review Rating 4.1 of 5 14 reviews

Sold out

Musk Lotion
A luxurious, yet lightweight body lotion fragranced with Musk

Total: N/A

8.4 fl. oz. Bottle
Customer Review Rating 3.8 of 5 16 reviews