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Gifts for Anyone on Your List

Whoever you’re shopping for this season, the ultimate goal of gifting is to make them feel good. RIght? Leave it to skincare sets, which are suitable for men and women, to do just that! There’s a range of Kiehl’s gift sets that make it easy to find the ‘perfect fit,’ whether you’re in need of a budget-friendly option with the best hand cream and moisturizer or an extra-special collection that features the best serum, or a hydrating mask. Skincare sets are basically bundles of self-care, which makes them ideal gifts for anyone on your list.

Hydration Duo

Heavy-duty help for dry hands and chapped lips? It’s here in this gift set! Made with lipid-rich avocado oil and the softening properties of sesame seed oil, the thick formula behind Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve creates the best hand cream for active hands. The rich formula of this hand cream also has the ability to retain water from the air for long-lasting protection and repair. And lips will get just as much soothing care thanks to the squalane and lanolin mix of Lip Balm #1, an award-winning lip balm for dry lips.

Body Besties Duo

Gift sets that feature soothing ingredients and comforting formulas are ideal for all skin types. This one teams up Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1, a best-selling lip balm for dry lips made with lanolin, Vitamin E and aloe, with Crème de Corps, a must-have full body moisturizer. The rich, non-greasy body lotion is a mix of cocoa butter, beta-carotene and squalane for major skin softening. Pass it on with the best how to use body lotion tip: massaging cream into damp skin enhances the softening results. In the midst of dry winter weather, supple skin is one of the best gifts for anyone on your list.

Ultra Facial Trio

Skincare sets that introduce a simple routine can be game-changing gifts for anyone on your list. This trio brings together everyday essentials that feature gentle, hydrating ingredients. It includes Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser, a mild foaming face wash, and the Ultra Facial Cream, the best face moisturizer that can be used by all skin types. Plus, the Ultra Facial Toner deserves a shout-out, too. Used after cleansing, it’s an alcohol-free step that leaves skin refined and toned, and is one of the best skincare products!

Kiehl's Customer Favourites

Striking the perfect balance of everyday basics and soothing treatments, skincare sets loaded with value give anyone lots of reasons to feel special. Along with a 50ml jar of Ultra Facial Cream (a moisturizer suitable for all skin types), this set of the best skincare products also includes trials of must-haves, like Ultra Facial Cleanser. The mild face wash also contains apricot kernel granules for gentle exfoliation, so using circular motions on a damp face is the ideal technique when it comes to how to apply facial cleanser. Designed to elevate any evening routine, Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate Face Oil is a blend of evening primrose and lavender oils that creates the best serum to help visibly reduce fine lines and boost radiance. Plus, skincare gifts for anyone on your list wouldn’t be complete without much-needed hydration. Two vital treatments tick that box! The Avocado Nourishing Hydration Mask is a hydrating mask that can be used three times a week, while the Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado can be used daily to nourish, depuff and brighten. Warming up the water-in-oil formula between fingertips is best technique for how to use under eye cream, but it can also be swiped on in a thick layer for a soothing, ten minute eye mask.

Kiehl's Greatest Hits

Loaded with Kiehl’s brightest all-stars, this mini skincare set is like wrapping up a little extra Me-time for anyone you care about. It features the Ultimate Strength Hand Salve, an emollient hand cream with protective and repairing properties that’s perfect for soothing freshly-cleansed hands. And, the number one facial cream and a moisturizer with an immediate hydrating effect (aka the Ultra Facial Cleanser and Ultra Facial Cream) will help prime and soothe a complexion of any skin type, encouraging a hydrated state. Curious about which body lotion is good for dry skin? Crème de Corps has been a go-to that leaves skin soft for over 30 years. Plus, the nourishing Lip Balm #1 has been counted among the best skincare products for even longer! The thick formula is a protective lip balm for dry lips. If you’re looking for gifts for anyone on your list, this set is an amazing option from start to finish.

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