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Gardez une peau douce, lisse et souple grâce à des formules efficaces de la tête aux pieds.

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Body Care: Feeling fresh from head to toe

For most people, putting on face moisturizer or anti-aging cream to have a hydrated and fresh looking complexion is a daily regimen. Unfortunately many of us neglect the care of our body’s skin, which is why Kiehl’s offers a complete line of body care products, from freshly scented body scrubs to creamy body lotions. The basis of clear and healthy skin is a thorough exfoliation and cleansing, which can easily become routine if you choose the best body scrub, and the best body wash for you. And taking good care of your skin also requires constant hydration, which a good body moisturizer or body cream will provide for you.

How to Get Clear Body Skin?

A lot of people take very good care of their faces but neglect the rest of their bodies when our bodies need just as much attention and care from us. It is absolutely crucial to cleanse, moisturize, and exfoliate your body. Similarly, using SPF should also be a part of your body care routine if you want to protect your body from sun damage. One thing to keep in mind is that taking long showers, especially with extremely hot or cold water, can actually damage your skin. The first step of achieving and maintaining a clear and healthy body skin is to cleanse your body with a gentle body wash to avoid stripping your body from its natural oils. Make sure to moisturize your body right after a shower. This will ensure that all the moisture is locked into your body so your body does not produce excessive oils to compensate for the lack of moisture, avoiding any possible acne formation. Explore our Body Care range to build yourself a custom body care routine to have healthy, clear and protected skin.

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