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Age Defender Nettoyant Exfoliant Double Action

Age Defender Nettoyant Exfoliant Double Action

Notre 2-en-1 nettoie le visage tout en exfoliant la peau pour éliminer les impuretés et l'excès de sébum.

37,00 $
Ultra Facial Cream FPS 30

Ultra Facial Cream FPS 30

Hydratez, lissez et adoucissez avec une crème hydratante quotidienne avec SPF 30.

68,00 $
Grooming Solutions Shampooing + Revitalisant Nourissant

Grooming Solutions Shampooing + Revitalisant Nourissant

Notre formule 2-en-1 élimine les résidus accumulés et laisse une sensation d'hydratation sur le cuir chevelu.

27,00 $
Clearly Corrective™ Nettoyant eclaircissant et exfoliant

Clearly Corrective™ Nettoyant éclaircissant et exfoliant

Nettoyant visage éclaircissant qui exfolie en douceur la peau.

40,00 $
Brume hydratante a la Fleur de Cactus & au Ginseng du Tibet

Brume hydratante à la Fleur de Cactus & au Ginseng du Tibet

Une brume rafraîchissante pour purifier et hydrater le visage

23,00 $
Age Defender Gel Hydratant

Age Defender Gel Hydratant

Soin pour homme raffermissant, liftant, antirides.

55,00 $
Gel coiffant pour tenue irreprochable

Gel coiffant pour tenue irréprochable

Gel coiffant transparent non gras pour une fixation longue durée

23,00 $
Concentre vegetale a base d'huile de graines de cannabis sativa

Concentré végétale à base d'huile de graines de cannabis sativa

Une huile calmante pour le visage pour les peaux à problèmes.

62,00 $
Age Defender creme contour yeux pour homme

Age Defender crème contour yeux pour homme

Crème yeux effet liftant anti-rides et anti-cernes pour hommes

45,00 $
Cica-creme a la centella pour peau sensible

Cica-crème à la centella pour peau sensible

Cica-crème hydratante, protectrice et réparatrice pour peaux sensibles

56,00 $
Age Defender Hydratant visage

Age Defender Hydratant visage

Soin anti-rides, raffermissant et lissant pour hommes

56,00 $
Ultimate Razor Burn & Bump Relief

Ultimate Razor Burn & Bump Relief

A men’s after shave cream for razor bumps and razor burn for instant post-shave relief.

26,00 $

Skin Care for Him

For most men, regularly shaving takes a toll on their skin, leaving it dry and sensitive, but with Kiehl’s 3 steps skincare for men, your skin will fill healthy and refreshed. For quick results, use our best face wash for men after every shave, followed by the application of an aftershave or after shave balm to reduce skin irritation. Complete your face’s skin care routine by applying a face moisturizer to lock in hydration. Because Kiehl’s dedication to provide the very best in men skin care is limitless, discover our other innovative men face care products, such as our world famous face cleansers and some of the best lip balm for men.

How to Get Clear Skin for Men?

No one knows your skin better than you do. In order to get clear skin, you should build a skin care routine to address your personal needs. A very basic skin care routine should include a cleanser, moisturizer and some shaving products. You can customize these products according to your skin type and also add more products to address any specific issues you might have. Choose from a wide range of eye creams, anti-aging products, clensers, lip care products and more to have clear, healthy skin. Take a look at our shave and post-shave products to avoid razor burns and maintain a soft skin. If you have any particular issues you would like to address, explore our serums to get rid of acne, wrinkles, dark spots and more. Discover our shampoos, conditions and other hair care products to maintain a healthy scalp and hydrated, soft, shiny hair. Check out our grooming essentials to style your beard and hair, while keeping both healthy.

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