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Découvrez une peau d’apparence saine grâce à des formules naturelles et scientifiques.

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Afficher 35 produits
Afficher 35 produits
Creme Ultra Facial

Crème Ultra Facial

Notre hydratant n ° 1 pour une hydratation de 24 heures.

23,00 $
Concentre tres puissant reducteur de rides

Concentré très puissant réducteur de rides

Puissant soin anti-rides avec 12,5% de Vitamine C et de l’Acide Hyaluronique

30,00 $
Masque Desincrustant a l’Argile

Masque Désincrustant à l’Argile

Un masque facial à l'argile purifiante qui détoxifie la peau et aide à réduire les pores avec des illustrations de l'artiste Janine Rewell.

23,00 $
Nettoyant Ultra Facial

Nettoyant Ultra Facial

Gel nettoyant visage doux pour tous les types de peaux

28,00 $
Ultra Facial Cream FPS 30

Ultra Facial Cream FPS 30

Hydratez, lissez et adoucissez avec une crème hydratante quotidienne avec SPF 30.

40,00 $
Concentre revivifiant de jour

Concentré revivifiant de jour

Une huile visage légère au quotidien pour revitaliser la peau.

35,00 $
Facial Fuel Nettoyant Visage energisant

Facial Fuel Nettoyant Visage énergisant

Gel nettoyant visage énergisant pour hommes

30,00 $
Ultra Facial Tonique Visage Sans Huile

Ultra Facial Tonique Visage Sans Huile

Lotion tonique sans corps gras pour réduire l’excès de sébum

26,00 $
250 ml
Nettoyant desincrustant quotidien a l'argile

Nettoyant désincrustant quotidien à l'argile

Un nettoyant quotidien pour les pores qui purifie et détoxifie la peau

35,00 $
Facial Fuel Exfoliant energisant

Facial Fuel Exfoliant énergisant

Gommage tonique pour réénergiser et faciliter le rasage

28,00 $
Nettoyant visage Ultra-facial<sup>MC</sup> sans-huile

Nettoyant visage Ultra-facialMC sans-huile

Gel nettoyant visage sans corps gras pour réduire l’excès de sébum

28,00 $
150 ml
Age Defender Nettoyant Exfoliant Double Action

Age Defender Nettoyant Exfoliant Double Action

Notre 2-en-1 nettoie le visage tout en exfoliant la peau pour éliminer les impuretés et l'excès de sébum.

37,00 $

Skin Care Products: Anti-Aging, Cleansers, Serums & More

Since we first began as an old-world apothecary 165 years ago, Kiehl’s has been a leader in skin care product development through our scientific rigor and innovative thinking. With Kiehl’s skin care products at your fingertips, achieving natural, youthful and glowing skin has never been easier. When building a daily face skincare routine, be sure to include the three must-haves: cleanser, toner and moisturizer. always start with a cleanser to effectively rinse out dirt and excess oil buildup in your skin. Fully clear out any remaining debris and then close up clean pores to prevent new unwanted substances from entering with a toner. Finally, lock-in hydration throughout the day with a moisturizer for visibly smoother and younger looking skin. Add targeted treatments for specific concerns in between toner and moisturizer with products like anti-aging serums or acne treatment. Take your skincare to the next level. Add a weekly facemask to maximize cleansing and exfoliation while taking full care of your specific needs. Expand your skincare efforts beyond the face with a body moisturizer.

How to Get Clear Skin?

Maintaining this skin care routine without overwhelming your skin is the easiest way to get clear skin. Keep in mind that it is not how many products you use on your skin that matters, it is making sure you are using the right products for your own skin. Kiehl's makes sure that you use the right products for your skin type. Whatever your concern is, whether is acne, wrinkles or dark spots, you can choose the Kiehl's serum for you to implement in your skin care routine. Serums consist of small molecules that can penetrate into the skin and deliver a high concentration of ingredients. Applying a moisturizer after the serum will ensure that these ingredients are locked into the skin and will perform even more effectively.

How to Take Care of your Skin?

No matter what your skin type is, it is very important to take care of it. It is crucial to include at least a cleanser, toner and moisturizer in your daily routine to ensure your skin is clear, hydrated and firm. To address any specific concerns you might have, you can also add serums, eye creams, and more. Look through our website or consult one of our experts at a Kiehl's store to create your specialized skin care routine!

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