Men Skin Care and Body Care

Since our beginnings as a neighborhood apothecary, Kiehl's has formulated products which target the specific needs of our patrons. Men have particular needs, especially for shaving. Our men's collection is comprised of uniquely efficacious formulations that address the specific skincare concerns of today's man.
  • 1Always wash your face before you shave. This removes oil and dirt so you can get a closer, smoother shave. Using a scrub will give you an even better shave.
  • 2Shave with hot water on moist(not wet) skin. This helps to soften your beard. Change razor blades frequently to reduce irritation.
  • 3Sensitive skin? Try shaving in the shower. Steam and moisture help soften your beard and lubricate skin to reduce irritation.
  • 4"Fly Into a New World of Shaving Pleasure!" Kiehl's shave creams are highly efficient - a little goes a long way. Apply only a very thin layer. Then glide your razor to the smoothest "take-off" imaginable.
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