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Hydratez jour et nuit avec des crèmes pour le visage et des hydratants formulés pour la peau des hommes.

Hydratants pour homme
Afficher 6 produits
Afficher 6 produits
Eliminateur de sebum hydratant anti-brillance 24-heures pour hommes

Éliminateur de sébum hydratant anti-brillance 24-heures pour hommes

Minimise l’excès de sébum, de transpiration et de pollution pour réduire la brillance et l’apparence des pores

35,00 $
75 ml
Age Defender Gel Hydratant

Age Defender Gel Hydratant

Soin pour homme raffermissant, liftant, antirides.

55,00 $
50 ml
Age Defender Hydratant visage

Age Defender Hydratant visage

Soin anti-rides, raffermissant et lissant pour hommes

56,00 $
Age Defender Serum

Age Defender Sérum

Sérum anti-rides, fortifiant et liftant pour hommes

66,00 $
75 ml
Facial Fuel fluide energisant hydratant pour homme FPS 20

Facial Fuel fluide énergisant hydratant pour homme FPS 20

Un hydratant énergisant pour le visage pour les hommes avec un FPS 20.

37,00 $
Facial Fuel Fluide Hydratant energisant pour Hommes

Facial Fuel Fluide Hydratant énergisant pour Hommes

Soin hydratant pour hommes enrichi en vitamines

37,00 $

Complete Skincare for Men

The time when men skincare routines consisted solely of putting on aftershave is over. Adapted skin care regimens no longer only belong to women, because we know men’s skin is as unique as that of women, and so are its issues. Therefore, Kiehl’s proposes to revolutionize skincare for men by offering a full range of products for men face care, from our most complete men’s facial line, to the most natural yet efficient face moisturizer for men. We believe that the best skincare for men is personalized to fit your skin type and its specific concerns. For a more complete and targeted skin care routine, also try products from our anti-aging, eye and lip care line for men.

How to Get Nice Skin for Men?

To achieve nice skin for men, hydration is key. After cleansing and toning, applying a moisturizer to lock in hydration and nutrients will help with skin’s overall appearance. Since no one knows your skin better than you do, select a hydrator that will help target your specific needs. A man’s skincare routine can benefit from an energizing face cream that will nourish and enhance the skin’s appearance. To focus on anti-aging for men, try a face moisturizer that will specifically firm and lift the skin while minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. Since men tend to have oilier skin than women, using an anti-shine moisturizer, as well as oil-free products can be beneficial. A simple routine can be completed with eye and lip care for men, as well as specialized men’s facial creams and balms.

What is a Good Moisturizer for Men?

Kiehls offers some of the best face moisturizers for men. Specifically created to target men’s face care, a wide range of products exist to help with facial maintainance. Choose a line that can be personalized to your needs. To protect and re-energize the face, try the Kiehls’ Facial Fuel for men. This is an all-around great product for men to use in order to invigorate their skin and improve its texture. For added oil-control, the Anti-shine range will minimize the appearance of pores and absorb oil. For aging concerns, the best anti-aging skincare for men is the Age Defender moisturizer, targeting fine lines, wrinkles and improving firmness and lift.

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