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From lightweight hydrators to rich facial creams, find our best moisturizer for your skin type.


Hydratants pour le visage
Afficher 19 produits
Afficher 19 produits
Creme Ultra Facial

Crème Ultra Facial

Découvrez notre crème hydratante n ° 1 formulé pour tous les types de peau, même les plus sensibles. Cet hydratant léger formulé avec du Squalane,procure une hydratation de 24 heures pour une peau plus douce et lisse.

Old price New price 70,00 $
Creme Reparatrice de Nuit Legere Riche en Omegas

Crème Réparatrice de Nuit Légère Riche en Omégas

Une crème de nuit naturelle à 98,6 % qui tonifie et rétablit l’éclat pendant la nuit.

Old price New price 66,00 $
One taille available
50 ml
Ultra Facial Cream FPS 30

Ultra Facial Cream FPS 30

Hydratez, lissez et adoucissez avec une crème hydratante quotidienne avec SPF 30.

Old price New price 42,00 $
Creme d'eau infusee au serum de calendula

Crème d'eau infusée au sérum de calendula

Crème d'eau multi-miracle au Sérum Calendula.

Old price New price 64,00 $
Creme super multi-correctrice

Crème super multi-correctrice

Une crème anti-âge extrêmement puissante pour le visage et le cou éprouvée en clinique pour atténuer les rides, uniformiser le teint et lisser la texture de la peau.

Old price New price 90,00 $
One taille available
50 ml
Gel hydratant Ultra-facial<sup>MC</sup> sans-huile

Nouveau & Amélioré

Gel hydratant Ultra-facialMC sans-huile

Un gel hydratant rafraîchissant sans huile qui atténue la brillance pour la peau grasse et la peau normale.

Old price New price 42,00 $
Creme reductrice de rides puissante

Crème réductrice de rides puissante

Une crème anti-rides fortifiante

Old price New price 77,00 $
Clearly Corrective™ Creme eclat hydratation en profondeur

Clearly Corrective™ Crème éclat hydratation en profondeur

Hydratant correcteur de teint.

Old price New price 79,00 $
One taille available
50 ml
Pure Vitalite creme revitalisante

Pure Vitalité crème revitalisante

Tout type de peau – soin hydratant revitalisant à 99,6% d’origine naturelle.

Old price New price 83,00 $
One taille available
50 ml
Lotion Ultra-facial<sup>MC</sup> sans-huile

Lotion Ultra-facialMC sans-huile

Fluide hydratant léger et non gras pour le visage

Old price New price 41,00 $
One taille available
125 ml
Soin Visage Ultra-Hydratant

Soin Visage Ultra-Hydratant

Hydratant facilement absorbé par la peau avec protection solaire

Old price New price 41,00 $
Eliminateur de sebum hydratant anti-brillance 24-heures pour hommes

Éliminateur de sébum hydratant anti-brillance 24-heures pour hommes

Minimise l’excès de sébum, de transpiration et de pollution pour réduire la brillance et l’apparence des pores

Old price New price 35,00 $


Find Kiehl’s moisturizer, face cream, face lotion and skin moisturizer formulated specifically for your skin type. Browse from our collection of moisturizers for acne prone skin, for oily skin, for sensitive skin and for dry skin. Get 24-hour intense hydration and skin nourishment to reveal smooth, healthy and glowing skin. If your goal is to visibly reduce signs of aging and get younger-looking skin, treat your skin with Kiehl’s anti-aging face moisturizer and anti-wrinkle face cream, specifically formulated for mature and sensitive skin. If you have oily skin or large pores, Kiehl’s lightweight, non-comedogenic and oil-free moisturizers are formulated for you. If you have uneven skin tone or discolorations, Kiehl’s BB cream and Clearly Corrective collection helps you visibly reduce dark spots, giving you an even and radiant skin. Don’t forget that Kiehl’s also offer the best body moisturizers and a targeted skincare and face moisturizer for men, from moisturizers with SPF to anti-wrinkle creams for men.

How to Moisturize the Face?

To keep skin’s healthy appearance, it is important to stay moisturized. After washing your face with a cleanser of your choice, apply a face moisturizer to retain hydration and nourish the skin. To personalize your own skin routine, establish what kind of skin you have in order to target your own individual needs. If you have particularly dry skin, try a face moisturizer like Kiehls’ Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm. If you have oilier skin, try something like the Ultra Facial Oil-Free range that does not contain any oil and will help reduce shine. For combination skin, a lightweight cream is best - or you can target the different areas with different products depending on your needs. Try a moisturizer that contains SPF to protect your skin all while keeping it moisturized. These two-in-one products save you a step in the morning. Moisturizing is an essential part in having perfect skin, and it’s one of the simplest as well!

How Often Should you Moisturize your Face?

It is usually recommended to moisturize twice a day, every day. Once in the morning, and once during the night —ideally, after washing your face. Even if you have oilier skin, it is still important to moisturize daily, it’s simply a matter of choosing the right products for you. During the day, most people opt for a lightweight moisturizing that absorbs quickly to avoid shine and to stay looking healthy during the day. At night, go ahead and use a richer night cream, which will often have corrective qualities.

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