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Rafraîchissez votre routine de nettoyage avec un nettoyant moussant ou un exfoliant.

Nettoyants et exfoliants
Afficher 18 produits
Afficher 18 produits
Gel moussant nettoyant visage intense au calendula

Gel moussant nettoyant visage intense au calendula

Un nettoyant moussant non asséchant extrêmement efficace pour le visage qui régénère et apaise la peau.

Old price New price 42,00 $
Nettoyant Ultra Facial


Nettoyant Ultra Facial

Un nettoyant moussant doux avec du squalane pour tous les types de peau.

Old price New price 28,00 $
Nettoyant desincrustant quotidien a l'argile

Nettoyant désincrustant quotidien à l'argile

Un nettoyant quotidien pour les pores qui purifie et détoxifie la peau

Old price New price 35,00 $
Age Defender Nettoyant Exfoliant Double Action

Age Defender Nettoyant Exfoliant Double Action

Notre 2-en-1 nettoie le visage tout en exfoliant la peau pour éliminer les impuretés et l'excès de sébum.

Old price New price 37,00 $
Clearly Corrective™ Nettoyant eclaircissant et exfoliant

Clearly Corrective™ Nettoyant éclaircissant et exfoliant

Nettoyant visage éclaircissant qui exfolie en douceur la peau.

Old price New price 40,00 $
150 ml
Nettoyant visage Ultra-facial<sup>MC</sup> sans-huile

Nettoyant visage Ultra-facialMC sans-huile

Gel nettoyant visage sans corps gras pour réduire l’excès de sébum

Old price New price 28,00 $
150 ml
Eliminateur de sebum nettoyant exfoliant pour le visage pour hommes

Éliminateur de sébum nettoyant exfoliant pour le visage pour hommes

Nettoie la peau et la débarrasse des impuretés et du sébum, sans la dessécher

Old price New price 31,00 $
200 ml
Nettoyant aux herbes et au concombre

Nettoyant aux herbes et au concombre

Gel moussant nettoyant sans savon ultra-doux pour le visage aux extraits de concombre

Old price New price 30,00 $
Nettoyant vegetale a base d'huile de graines de cannabis sativa

Nettoyant végétale à base d'huile de graines de cannabis sativa

Un nettoyant doux et apaisant pour le visage qui purifie la peau.

Old price New price 35,00 $
Huile de nettoyage botanique de nuit

Huile de nettoyage botanique de nuit

Huile démaquillante tous types de peaux

Old price New price 19,00 $
Centella Sensitive Facial Cleanser

Centella Sensitive Facial Cleanser

Notre nettoyant facial le plus doux pour les peaux sensibles

Old price New price 38,00 $
250 ml
Eau micellaire nettoyante infusee aux plantes

Eau micellaire nettoyante infusée aux plantes

Eau micellaire nettoyante, hydratante et sans rinçage

Old price New price 36,00 $

Cleansers & Scrubs

Every day, as a result of both natural body processes and external elements, skin accumulates unwanted substances that reduce the smoothness, vibrancy and youth of the face and body. Unlike shampoo, which should only be applied no more than a few times a week, facial cleansers work best when applied daily. With the help of daily facial cleansers and their formulas designed to dissolve and wash away dirt, makeup, dead skin, excess sebum, and debris, you can begin your skincare regime with fresh skin and go to bed with a clarified face free of pore clogging makeup. Almost everyone deals with pesky blackheads and whiteheads in their life. The best cleansers to free your skin are pore cleansers. Facial pore cleansers penetrate deep into clogged pores and flush out all the unwanted substances that water just cannot reach. Following up with a toner and moisturizer for men and women is crucial to preventing future harmful particles from entering the pores and restoring moisture that may also have been stripped away by a cleanser.

What Does a Facial Cleanser Do?

Facial cleansers are great for removing make-up, oil, dead skin cells, and all kinds of pollutants from your skin, unclogging pores and preventing the formation of acne or other skin conditions. As cleansers are specifically made to be used on your face, they are a better option than soaps. As soaps usually have a pH of 9-10, much higher than the skin's pH of 5, they can change the balance of your skin and cause bacterial growth, resulting in acne.

How Often Should you Wash your Face?

While using a cleanser sounds great, you should make sure to not overwash your skin. Kiehl's experts recommend washing your face twice a day: Once in the morning to remove the bacteria that collects on your face when you sleep, and once at night to take off make-up and the dirt that is collected throughout the day. It is also recommended that you should wash your face after a workout to get rid of the sweat and bacteria to avoid clogging your pores.

How to Scrub your Face Properly?

The first rule to scrubbing your face is to ensure you have the right scrub for your skin type. When washing your face, make sure your hands are clean. Try to use warm water to ensure that your skin is hydrated. Most importantly, be gentle with your face to avoid causing damage to your skin. After you rinse off your skin, you should moisturize your face even if you have combination or oily skin.

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