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Give your routine a boost with masks formulated to detoxify, firm or hydrate skin.


Masques pour le visage

Masques pour le visage

Afficher 7 produits
Afficher 7 produits
Masque en Fete

Masque en Fête

Sélection de quatre masques inspirés de la nature pour une peau prête pour les fêtes.

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Masque Desincrustant a l’Argile

Masque Désincrustant à l’Argile

Un masque à l’argile qui minimise instantanément les pores et les points noirs.

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Masque rehydratant de nuit Ultra Facial avec 10,5 % de squalane

Masque réhydratant de nuit Ultra Facial avec 10,5 % de squalane

Un masque hydratant en profondeur pour la peau sèche qui emprisonne l’hydratation pendant la nuit et qui stabilise la barrière d’hydratation cutanée pour traiter la sécheresse, l’inconfort et la desquamation.

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Masque hydratant et nourrissant a l’avocat

Masque hydratant et nourrissant à l’avocat

Un masque à l'avocat qui nourrit et hydrate la peau.

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Masque Apaisant Infuse Aux Petales de Calendula

Masque Apaisant Infusé Aux Pétales de Calendula

Rafraîchit et revitalise pour une peau d’apparence saine

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Masque eclat energisant au curcuma et aux graines de canneberge

Masque éclat énergisant au curcuma et aux graines de canneberge

Revigore et illumine l'apparence de la peau

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Masque de nuit raffermissant au gingembre et a l'hibiscus

Masque de nuit raffermissant au gingembre et à l'hibiscus

Un masque pour la nuit qui procure une peau plus lisse.

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Face Mask for Dry Skin

Pamper your skin with Kiehl’s set of Face Masks & serums for dry, oily or combination skin. Whether you want to purify and minimize pores, brighten and moisturize your face or get healthier, clearer skin by the morning, there is a face mask for everyone. Browse Kiehl’s nature-powered face masks selection to find the best face mask for your skin type and concern. Get glowing skin with Kiehl’s cranberry seeds and turmeric face mask to brighten your skin. Try Kiehl’s Aloe Vera face mask for a healthy-looking complexion.

How to Use Face Mask?

There is a face mask out there for everyone and Kiehl's is here to help you find the perfect one for you. First things first, you need to identify the problem you want to solve in order to choose the best face mask for you. From moisturizing and rehydrating (Calendula Face Mask) to energizing and exfoliating (Turmeric Face Mask), there’s a range of face masks specifically formulated for any of these problems. Depending on the type of face mask, they can be applied after cleansing your face and before the rest of your skincare routine, or as the last step of your nighttime routine.

How to Apply Face Mask?

Face masks are a breeze to apply. You will first need to cleanse and tone the skin; once it’s ready, it’s face mask time. Apply a visible layer of the chosen face mask and leave it on for at least 5 minutes (or the amount of time indicated in the instructions). Once the specified period of time has elapsed, depending on the face mask, you will either have to rinse it out with warm water, massaging gently in a circular motion, or pat your face with a tissue in order to remove the excess product, leaving the mask to work its magic overnight. You will wake up to healthy-looking, glowing skin.

How Often Should You Use a Face Mask?

The recommended use for each face mask will vary depending on the product. Some face masks can be used up to 3-4 times a week while others are meant to only be used once weekly. For example, both our Calendula Mask and our Turmeric Mask can be used up to 3 times a week. Calendula benefits for skin are countless, and using calendula for acne-prone skin is one of the best solutions out there, due to the fact that this amazing plant actually kills the bacteria that causes acne. Using calendula for skin treatments will also help relieve inflammation and reduce blemishes, so there really is nothing this product can’t do.

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