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Protégez votre peau des rayons UV avec des écrans solaires à large spectre pour le visage et le corps.

Protection solaire
Afficher 9 produits
Afficher 9 produits
Super Fluide Defense UV FPS 50

Super Fluide Défense UV FPS 50

Soin hydratant avec écran solaire haute protection SPF 50+

81,00 $
Ultra Facial Cream FPS 30

Ultra Facial Cream FPS 30

Hydratez, lissez et adoucissez avec une crème hydratante quotidienne avec SPF 30.

68,00 $
Facial Fuel fluide energisant hydratant pour homme FPS 20

Facial Fuel fluide énergisant hydratant pour homme FPS 20

Un hydratant énergisant pour le visage pour les hommes avec un FPS 20.

37,00 $
Creme multi-action FPS 30

Crème multi-action FPS 30

Hydratant anti-âge multi-ciblé avec SPF 30.

90,00 $
50 ml
Soin Visage Ultra-Hydratant FPS 30

Soin Visage Ultra-Hydratant FPS 30

Hydratant facilement absorbé par la peau avec protection solaire

47,00 $
Creme reductrice de rides FPS 30

Crème réductrice de rides FPS 30

Une puissante crème anti-rides fortifiante avec protection FPS 30 à large spectre.

78,00 $
Lotion legere pour le visage et le corps FPS 30 Sun Protection<sup>MC</sup>

Lotion légère pour le visage et le corps FPS 30 Sun ProtectionMC

Résistant à l’eau (80 minutes)

37,00 $
Creme BB embellisante & correctrice de teint FPS 30

Crème BB embellisante & correctrice de teint FPS 30

BB crème à la double action embellissante instantanée et correctrice profonde

46,00 $
40 ml
Super Fluid Daily UV Mineral Defense

Super Fluid Daily UV Mineral Defense

A mineral sunscreen for sensitive skin and acne-prone skin.

50,00 $
50 ml

Kiehl’s Sunscreen: Safe Under the Sun

The sun never seems to stay long enough. Everyone loves the warm rays of the sun, as it paves the way for our favourite summer activities. Having a picnic, going to the beach and dinner on the patio is not the same without the sun. But fun in the sun can be a mixed blessing, as exposure reduces the longevity of hair treatments, accelerates signs of aging and increases risk of skin cancer. Protect yourself while having all the fun under the sun with Vichy sunscreen. Find the best face sunscreen and body sunscreen for any skin type. With our sunblock, broad spectrum UV defense of varying SPF perfect for any activity from sun tanning to swimming. End the day with Kiehl’s after sun lotion and a face mask to soothe any redness or dryness.

How to Protect your Skin from the Sun?

Most people neglect using sunscreen or products with SPF unless they are going to the beach. In order to really protect your skin from the sun you should wear SPF every day, even in the winter, at least 15 minutes before you go outside. Remember that once you put on sunscreen, it is not permanent. You need to reapply sunscreen every two hours to ensure that you remain protected from the sun, and the damage it might cause to your skin both in the short term and the long term. Making sure your skin is always protected from the sun will not only make your skin look healthier and more hydrated, but also will help prevent multiple types of skin cancer.

What Does SPF Mean?

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor, and is actually the fraction of sunburn-producting UV rays that reach the skin. It's also a relative measure of how long you can safely stay under the sun without getting burned. Our Super Fluid UV Defense with SPF 50+ allows you to stay under the sun 50 times longer than you could without it, as only 1/50th of the burning radiation reaches the skin through sunscreen.

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