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Guide de soins de la peau au Squalane

Dealing with dull, dry and dehydrated skin is nothing new, and most of us fall victim to a lack of moisture in our skin's barrier. The solution lies in finding the right skincare products. Looking to boost your skin's radiance, while reaping the benefit's of a highly moisturizing and hydrating skincare fix? You're in luck: Look no further than skincare ingredient Squalane! To introduce squalane, this ingredient is essentially a derivative (and functions in the same capacity) of squalene, something naturally produced in humans. In this Kiehl's ingredient guide, you will become fully acquainted with squalane, and understand how this ingredient works, what it does for our skin, and why you should absolutely implement it into your daily skincare routine!

Best Squalane Products

Squalane has become a highly popular skincare ingredient, but which products should we be shopping for to help our skin? Squalane skincare products are often found in oils, moisturizers, facial creams, and cleansers. Squalane oils are great for locking in moisture and helping promote skin health without breaking out in blemishes. For total skin hydration and moisture, opt for squalane moisturizers and facial creams. Rich facial cream and moisturizers help with anti aging actions and skin plumping. Finally, squalane cleansers leave the base of your skin soft, moisturized, and completely ready for the day.

Kiehl's Skincare Experts Answer - What is the difference between squalane and squalene?

Squalene and squalane essentially serve the same purpose - the only difference is, the human body naturally creates one of them! Squalene is a lipid naturally produced in our skin, and works to keep skin hydrated and fight daily external agressors. Unfortunately, our skin produces less squalene over time, which means we miss out on reaping the benefits of squalene. Enter squalane, derived from squalene, to serve the same purpose as squalene, all while being sold on a shelf. Squalane is formulated with ingredients that easily melt into skin.

Squalane FAQ

What is Squalane

Skincare newbies and well-vetted specialists alike may not know exactly what squalane is. Let's break down this key skincare ingredient. Squalane is an oil and emollient ingredient in nature. This natural ingredient is essentially a derivative (and functions in the same capacity) of squalene, a lipid that we as humans naturally produce. Squalene in humans provides us with an abundance of benefits to skin, some of which include creating collagen and retaining moisture. Unfortunately, as most good things do over time, our levels of squalene in the body tend to be reduced. Squalane has been engineered as an ingredient to mimic the actions of squalene in our bodies, in order to retain moisture and hydration on our skin over time. Squalane is essentially our squalene supplement!

What Does Squalane do for Skin

Now that we have a better understanding of the nature of squalane, let's get to the important question: what exactly does squalane do for our skin? Squalane offers a plethora of benefits for skin. Above all, squalane acts as a moisturizing agent for skin, leaving a smooth and hydrated texture upon application. Squalane so easily provides hydration to skin by locking in moisture and not allowing water out. While moisturizing, squalane performs anti aging action by reducing the visible appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The water retention actions also directly contribute to visible anti aging on skin's surface, as texture is smoother and skin is brighter. Skin is more radiant and plump, with a baby smooth texture. Since squalane contains antioxidants, it can also help heal pesty facial and acne scarring.

How to use Squalane Oil

Now that you have your new squalane oil skincare products, how exactly should you go about implementing them into your daily skincare regimen? Don't fret - Kiehl's has got you covered. The first step in any skincare routine is a clean base: ensure you are cleansing your skin fully of any sebum, dirt or makeup residue before beginning with any skincare. Squalane oil should be used on a cleansed surface. Take your favourite full facial cleanser and ensure a clean base. Next, use one to two drops of squalane oil and rub gently into clean skin. If you are attempting to target a specific zone on your skin, focus on massaging the oil into that area. Ensure you are covering all the areas you would like to help. Squalane oil may be irritated if you make direct contact with sun exposure after applying; ensure you are applying a moisturizer with SPF or a high UV protectant sunscreen for the rest of your day!

What does retinol in squalane do

Two is always better than one! Retinol is another one of our powerful skincare ingredients, and when paired with squalane, skincare magic is created. Retinol in squalane skin products simply adds acne and blemish-fighting action and encouraging skin cell regeneration, while squalane continues to lock in moisture and hydrate skin. When the two are combined, skin is given the chance to fix and tend to multiple issues all at once. What could be better than that?

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